October 3, 2023
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“Need To Be Proud Of Every language In Our Country”: PM Modi

On Monday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi praised India’s diversity and remarked that despite the fact that language hurdles may limit our brilliance, we should be proud of the wide range of languages that are spoken there.

India’s assets, according to Prime Minister Modi, are variety and democracy, which he highlighted in his speech to the nation on the 75th anniversary of its independence.

“India has many languages, sometimes our talent is restricted by language barriers, we need to be proud of every language in our country,” he said.He added that it was important to celebrate India’s diversity.

“India is mother of democracy, diversity is its strength,” the prime minister said.

“Our nation has proved that we have an inherent strength from our diversity and the common thread of patriotism makes India unshakeable,” PM Modi said.

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