July 15, 2024
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Shiv Sena MLA Slaps Catering Manager Over Food Quality

On social media, a video of a Shiv Sena MLA from Eknath Shinde’s camp berating a caterer’s management for supplying subpar food went viral.

The manager is shown in the video being abused and assaulted by MLA Santosh Bangar because of the subpar food being provided to workers in Maharashtra’s Hingoli district as part of a midday meal programme. Mr. Bangar asserts that after receiving a complaint about the poor quality of the meal, he went to the location to personally inspect it.

Notably, the Hingoli-based Shiv Sena MLA switched over to the Shinde camp just before the July floor vote in the Maharashtra Assembly. The Sena leadership subsequently fired Mr. Bangar as president of the Hingoli district.

Mr. Bangar was seen on camera pleading with the rebel MLAs to come back during the early stages of the uprising headed by Mr. Shinde.

In another video, Mr. Bangar, who defeated Mr. Shinde to win the state Assembly seat from Hingoli’s Kalamnuri in 2019, was seen sobbing and claiming that the political climate in Maharashtra had deteriorated and that Mr. Thackeray, the party’s leader, would pardon any MLAs who returned to the Shiv Sena’s ranks.

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