August 4, 2021

MHA set to set up website to deal with online abuse


In the wake of the rampant increase in the number of online sexual abuse cases, the Ministry of Home Affairs has decided to develop a website where those people suffered the abuse can file their compliant without any fear.

Moreover, in the website, there will be a separate section for those who have faced online financial frauds. This aforementioned section will be connected to the banks, so those complaints filed in this section will be forwarded to the concerned banks.

It was a directive of the Supreme Court of India that prompted the central government to conceptualize the plan to set up such a website.

Recently, the SC directed that there must be a section where online sexual abuses could be reported without fear.  

Actually, the plea of the Prajwala NGO was the prime reason for such a directive (in a plea submitted before the SC, the NGO said that it was easy to available child pornography contents and rape video contents in the online platforms).

However, as part of the new plan, the central government has directed the state governments to strengthen their cyber wing by setting up training centers.


Vignesh. S. G

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