February 29, 2024

Simple tip to eliminate harmful elements from vegetables and fruits


It is a green-friendly world. Modern society now knows the value of vegetables and fruits, about which the society, until around five years before, was less bothered.

Nowadays, people even are interested in the cultivation of vegetables and fruits. As per a report, in the last couple of years, the demand in our society for fruits and vegetables has increased several folds.    

As the demand increases, the production needs to increase accordingly. Unfortunately, due to several reasons, this is not happening in our country.

Those trying to leverage huge gains from this increasing demand often use some illicit methods to accomplish their goal.

The usage of the chemicals and harmful materials to increase the production and to preserve the product is one such illicit method.

There are some natural tips to bring down the concentration of these harmful elements in vegetables and fruits.

Before consuming vegetables or fruits, sock those in turmeric water for nearly one or two hours.

Also, now, there are many vegetable wash products available in the market. Try to use them also, if you are sure that they are made of natural products.

Stay Healthy!           


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