December 6, 2023
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Mental harassment case against the CPM leaders at Kasargod

A Nisha the former secretary of Udayapuram Milk Producers Cooperative society and her husband K B Biju the branch secretary of CPM Udayapuram claimed that A C Mathew and C Ashokan are mentally torturing with regard to her job. A C Mathew is the president of Udayapuram Milk Producers Cooperative Society and area secretary of the CPM. C Ashokan is the former Milk Producers Cooperative Society president and CPM party member.

Nisha and Biju on a press conference exposed against Mathew and Ashokan and the mental torture they are facing. We have no other means of living if this torturing continues, we will end our lives said Nisha.

Nisha was working under Udayapuram Milk Producers Cooperative Society as the secretary from 2012 to 2018. She was on leave from June 27, 2017 till July 31 2017 due to her child’s illness. When she was on leave Ashokan the president of the society committed a financial fraud. When Nisha came to know about it, she asked him to submit the financial statement and the cash. But to the contrary administration blamed Nisha for this fraudulence. During an auditing this fraud was unveiled thus they issued a notice to Nisha seeking explanation for this fraudulence.

Nisha was given 30 days to respond, but before it on January 2 she was suspended. She was not taken back even after six months. She also complaint regarding this to the CPM area committee, but it had no positive response.

Nisha later claimed that Mathew who is also the president of the Kodom Belur Panchayat created a false document against her that she had gone for a national rural employment guarantee scheme in March. He made this false document with the help of an engineer of an employment guarantee scheme to block the subsistence allowance which Nisha was allowed.

Nisha lodged a complaint against A C Mathew, C Ashokan, employment guarantee scheme engineer P L Reshma and Panchayat secretary M K Radhakrishnan at Rajapuram police for creating a false document against her.

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