August 15, 2022
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Kerala Police arrested Fake IPS officer

On Thursday the Kerala police arrested a man mocked as an IPS officer who defrauded banks and police.

The accused has been identified as Vipin Karthik. He was arrested from Palakkad while he was boarding a bus. The police have recovered uniforms, ID cards and bank details of the frauds committed during the raid.

Earlier, Vipin’s mother Shyamala was arrested from Kozhikode. The mother-son duo has a history of defrauding banks by faking their identities and salary slips to avail vehicle loans. The police were in search of Vipin for the last three weeks who was in hiding after his mother was arrested.

Vipin faked his identity as a software engineer in a Kochi-based IT company in 2014 and took a vehicle loan from a bank in Nadapuram and never paid his EMI.

Further, he was arrested and sent to jail. While on bail, Vipin changed his residence to Guruvayur and posed as IPS officer in Jammu and Kashmir cadre and took vehicle loan from 12 banks and sold off 12 vehicles.

Vipin had also fixed his marriage with a girl in Adoor for February, 2021 claiming that he is a serving IPS officer. His mother, Shyamala, had earlier faked her salary slip while serving in Local Fund Audit office in Kannur. She was then terminated from service.

Vipin’s mother also defrauded a lady manager in the bank by borrowing 776 gms of gold and Rs 25 lakh for treatment of her “IPS son”. Police had initiated investigation against Vipin after he started calling local police stations for favours and posing as IPS officer.

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