August 3, 2021

Just be yourself! :Varna Sampath speaks about Miss South India contest



Varna is a strong, independent woman who has achieved a lot and has lots more to look forward to. For her, there were support and backup in the form of her parents, friends and students. She is a lecturer in Cambridge College, Bangalore and the students from there and her own dance school have showered high expectations on her. For them, she is the best. “I never had the confident in myself the way they had. To them, I am the sure winner. After coming here, I realised how intense the competition is going to be” said Varna “I tried to explain how it is but they were like ‘go for it maám, you are the best’. That does add the pressure, but for me it was also a major driving factor in this competition”. Varna was nervous when she landed in Kochi but the environment she was exposed to with friendly contestants, groomers and hosts Ajit Ravi and his wife Jebitha, Varna’s confident level increased.


Varna was very open about the accommodations arranged by Pegasus team, “Ajit sir was very nice. He and wife Jebitha maám were the major reasons why the competition was healthy, smooth and a memorable experience. There was no politics or partiality. They judged us based on our work, ethics, and punctuality. They added and subtracted marks based on how quick and organised we were. I learned a great deal myself. I had a lot of fun in Beaumonde”.



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