September 28, 2023
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Modi regime at 3

The BJP led central government which dethroned the Congress-led government by winning the massive victory in the 2014 general election, has reached three-year-old today. Despite the mounting allegations regarding its involvement in the polarization, communalisation and ‘saffronisation’, the rightist party, BJP, has performed well in almost all election since the crucial general election. The government led by the Saffron party has successfully gained the support of the majority of the population of the country through populist policies such as the demonetisation, GST, ‘Make in India’, ‘Swachh Bharat Abhiyan’, ‘Jan Dhan Yojana’. It has calculatedly scrapped the soviet era think tank, the planning commission, and established a new think tank, named the NITI Aayog, highlighting the importance of the decentralised policy making and policy implementation process and the irrelevance of the centralised planning system in which the federal role has been very limited. The new government is famous for its zero-tolerance-for-corruption policy. This quality has prompted the people to tolerate the hardships they suffered when the government implemented tough policies such as the demonetisation. The government has succeeded in evoking a feeling among the people that each and everything the government is doing is for the good of them and even if they suffer some hardships when the government implements some new policy, it is temporary and in the long run they would get some advantage with the policy. So, in a broad evaluation, the regime led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi is a huge success. But, it has miles to go in crucial fronts such as the job creation, industrial development, foreign relation, law and order and much more.


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