August 3, 2021

Just be yourself! :Varna Sampath speaks about Miss South India contest


The learning experience is never a full stop for Varna, for her it is an ongoing process and she elaborated that as a factor which earned her the place, “I was just being myself the whole time and that is what I would tell anyone. Just don’t fake as it will take you nowhere. Your personality is who you are and that is true beauty. This contest is not just about wearing short clothes, makeup and walking on the ramp. In a way, it is also a self-discovery process. You express your talents here and you work hard. And, if anyone feels apprehended in terms of wearing short clothes, worry not because I am a traditional conservative person, but I could present myself the way I wanted to on-stage. So, if you want to participate in this competition and if you are passionate about it, then just go for it!”

Miss South India contest 2017, presented by Manappuram finance limited, co-organised by Pegasus, made a great impact in this dreamer’s life. She leaves a message for young girls, “stick to your principles and just be yourself. Work hard and aim for the highest point and the success will come to you”.





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