September 23, 2021
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Criminals recruit minors as their foot soldiers to carry out crimes

In one of the latest crime incidents reported by one of the leading news dailies, it is clearly mentioned that the minors, who are vulnerable to the substance abuse, are used by the criminal gangs to carry out criminal activities in the metro cities such as Bengaluru, Mumbai and Delhi. As per the report, the criminal gangs supply drugs to the vulnerable teenagers who most proposal belong to the single parent family or the kind of family in which the violence and crimes are not seen as a usual and horrific thing. The reason why the criminals supply the drug materials to these teenagers is that they want to develop a sort of dependability.

The tactics behind using the minors for crimes is that the minors will not get any harsher punishment even if they are caught by the law implementers. According to the latest report released by a top media house, nearly twenty-four cases related to the ‘use of minors by the criminal gangs’ have been registered this year itself in the South Division of Bangalore. Experts say that the authorities should launch national wide awareness campaigns and should identify the vulnerable teenagers and bring them under the observation of a qualified psychologist. The family is the institution from where each individual learns to live a productive life. The most effective method to create a peaceful and productive society is by nourishing those factors inside our family.





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