May 27, 2024
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In Puducherry, Class 8 Boy Dies Of Poisoning, Classmates’ Mother Arrested

A Class 8 youngster from Karaikal in Puducherry passed away after ingesting a cold beverage that his classmates’ mothers allegedly poisoned.
Bala Manikandan’s father Rajendran, a worker at a fair price store in Karaikal, claims that his son attended school on Saturday for the yearly practise event.

When the youngster got home in the afternoon, he started throwing up. According to his father, he told his parents that he had been throwing up ever since he drank the cold beverage that the school watchman offered him. Bala was treated at Karaikal Government Hospital before passing away there.

Bala drank the cold drink that their parents sent, the school informed the parents. The father claimed, “We didn’t give our son any cold drink before he left school.”

When the parents questioned the watchman Devadhas, he responded that a person claiming to be a relative of Bala Manikandan had brought him the drink and urged him to give it to the boy.

Bala’s mother Malathi filed a complaint at the Karaikal municipal police station, stating that Sakaya Rani Victoria poisoned the drink. The CCTV footage revealed that the person who delivered the drink was Sakaya Rani Victoria, whose children attend the same school. She was taken into custody.

Police are looking into whether the mom intentionally tainted the beverage due to rivalry between her children and Bala. An incident has been reported.

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