November 30, 2021
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Illegal Casino racket busted: nearly eight trained operators arrested


illegal-casino_a4929e18-99c7-11e6-a472-803c9c62b420In India, the Diwali festival is considered as the luckiest day by many people. As we all know, the gambling is all about a person’s luck. Now a days, these Diwali days are not only famous for the crackers and sweets but also remember for the gambling business.
The casinos illegally operated by the criminal gangs are earning crores of rupees during the Diwali days.
One such illicit gang had been busted by the Delhi Police on last day in a raid at a farmhouse near Delhi.
As per the report, around eight experienced casino operators were arrested from the spot, and several gambling chips worth crores of rupee were also confiscated from the illegal casino.
It is learned that the trained casino operators, who previously worked as operators in the professional casinos outside India, were purposefully bought from Nepal to run the business professionally.An investigation is on to nab the contractors and kingpins of the illegal business. From the information publicized in the national daily, it is estimated that several such illegal casinos are freely operating in the country particularly in the metro cities like .During the festival season, apart from the regular players, more recommended players will show interest to visit the casino.
The illegal casino is a closed den. Only regular customers or nominated customers can take part in the game.
According to the report, these casino operators have a clear organizing strategy. The report added that there is no compromise on the confidentiality of the game. From the invitation to the cash distribution they operate in a will planned manner, the report further added.
Meanwhile, a pro-casino activist claims that the government should legalize the casinos. Once it is done, the professional conglomerates will come forward to operate the business, he added. It will give huge tax revenue to the government, he further added.



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