September 23, 2023
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SC extends the deadline for Aadhaar linkages indefinitely


The Supreme Court of India has extended the deadline for linking Aadhaar with bank accounts, mobile numbers and other services indefinitely, indentifying the fact that there is a sense of confusion prevailing in the Indian society over the issue of Aadhaar linkage.

This is not the first time the top court have taken initiative to extend the deadline of Aadhaar linkage; earlier, the deadline was extended from December 31, 2017 to March 31, 2018.

Meanwhile, unlike the previous ‘deadline extension’ order, this time the court has shown no effort to extend the deadline for linking Aadhaar to subsidies, benefits and services prescribed under the Section 7 of the Aadhaar Act of 2016.

As per the Section 7 of the Aadhaar Act, the central government and state governments can insist on Aadhaar for the purpose of establishing identity of an individual as a condition for receipt of a subsidy, benefit or service for which the expenditure is incurred from the Consolidated Fund of India.

A section of the society strongly believes that the Aadhaar infringes the right to privacy, which was recently recognised as an intrinsic part of the fundamental rights by the top court thorough a sensational verdict.


Vignesh. S. G

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