October 25, 2021
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China runs ‘brain washing’ camps in Xinjiang

Some fresh evidences released by an acclaimed media organisation prove that the communist China runs several ‘brain washing’ camps in Xinjiang.

As per the evidences, the majority of those living in the camp are those belong to the minority community of Uighur.

It is said that the camps are run in the name of professional skill training centres. According to the evidences publicised by the media organisation, the main job done in these camps is the task of replacing the identity, culture, tradition and language of the inmates of the camps with those acceptable to the communist China.

The most disturbing information released by the media organisation is that the schools in the province of Xinjiang systematically separate the children belong to the minority community from their families. According to the report, the separated children are taught in the way which helps the state to detach them from their roots and replace it with the artificial identity developed by the communist state.

Xinjiang is not accessible to a foreign journalist. Even if one is allowed, he/she will be under tight watch during his/her entire journey. So, it is difficult to collect testimonies from that territory.

What little is known about the territory is from the accounts of those who have visited the territory with the permission of the Chinese government and those who has escaped from the territory to safe destination in the foreign territory, especially in Turkey (with whom the people living in the territory have a deep cultural connection).

Vignesh. S. G
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