September 23, 2021

Dr. Roy C.J, Confident Group; The Remarkable Real Estate Phenomenon

Dr. Roy C.J, Confident Group

Dr. Roy C.J, Confident Group

We are more than honoured to present to you the magnanimous Dr. Roy C.J, the man behind the sprawling Confident Group. A real inspiration, the best and brightest in real estate, the Dubai-based Indian real estate Mogul Dr. Roy C.J has been appointed as Honorary Consul of the Slovak Republic, Member Country European Union and this is a Diplomatic Position. The Founder and Chairman of Confident Group will be the Head of the that Country’s Honorary Consulate in Bangalore. He is the first NRI from the UAE to receive such a recognition from a European Union member state. The Confident Group of Companies is headquartered in Bengaluru and it’s International Operations is Headquartered in Dubai and has operations in Kerala, Karnataka and the GCC and the USA.  Dr. Roy C.J was named the 14th in the Forbes’ list of Indian business owners in Arab world.

The much celebrated Indian business tycoon, Dr. Roy C.J. has been appointed as the Honorary Consul of the Slovak Republic, with jurisdiction of affairs in Karnataka and Kerala. He talks about his new responsibilities, trade and cultural tie-ups between the two countries. He states confidently, “I will be looking after the Slovakian citizens in Karnataka and Kerala. There are numerous Slovakians reside in these states and can contact us in case of an emergency –including medical emergencies, for instance. Most Slovakians work in the manufacturing sector here and I will also see to improving trade between the two countries.”


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Dr. Roy C.J’s spectacular dreams are shared by wife and business partner Mrs. Liny Roy. The business establishment focuses on earning the confidence of the customers and to gain the maximum with their best services. This quality has turned him an odd among the vast real estate sector in the country. Since its birth, it has not tainted the confidence of its customers. The hard-gained trust has inducted this company into the top list of successful companies. After gaining good education, Dr. Roy C.J joined some big conglomerates; subsequently, with the strength of experience, he established the company to achieve his dream. 

The giant Group has established their authority in the domain with numerous projects and constantly ranks among the top positions in the list of real estate developers in India. Guided by the enigmatic and purposeful personality of Dr. Roy C.J,  Confident Group soon found its portfolio expanding further into many different verticals namely Hospitality, Aviation, Entertainment, Education, Golfing, Retail and International trading (Building Materials).

This wonderful Group has over 12000 Customers and is proudly deploying nearly 150 projects within the infrastructural sphere. It currently includes Gated communities of Townships, Commercial Towers, Malls, Villas, Apartments, Schools, Software Towers & Parks and Hotels & Resorts. Confident Group also owns Confident Building Materials LLC which is a large building materials trading firm in Dubai and a multi-million dirham turnover company. With a strong will and dedicated team of employees, the group was able to gather a strong base and soon rose to the pinnacle of property developers in India and the UAE. Confident Group is also implementing the USD 500 Million investment Golf course in Bangalore on a nearly 450 Acres of Commercially Converted land near Bangalore. This is the Largest Single Privately Largest Single Commercially Converted Project development in Karnataka and fully Owned and Zero Debt Golf Course in India. Dr. Roy C.J and his Team is Implementing one of the Largest Single Housing Project with over 6000 Flats in a Single Project with a Projected Customer base of 25000 people living in a Single Project. The Full Land Acquisition is completed for this Project and Approvals are on Track. This Project is also implemented on Zero Debt Basis. The Best part of Confident Group is that each of the Real Estate Project is Implemented and Executed on a “Zero Debt on Project Basis” thereby 100% Safeguarding the Customers Hard earned investment and Purchases in the Project.


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Fueled by his amazing dedication, hard-work and passion, the initial investment has grown-up to billions. Every small investor is seen as a huge asset for the group. Now, the company has asset strength of around one billion USD and it is financially very stable and strong. As the organization gives utmost importance and priority to real estate business, it has attracted plenty of customers and gained their confidence. Confident Group’s reach is not limited to single sector or place, the vision of Dr. Roy C.J and Confident group is expanding with many different schemes and plans for different fields, reaching many places. The company has the glory of implementing around 150 real estate projects, and it secured special attention when it was tagged with “zero debt on any of the Real Estate Project” note. And are proud to Say that “None of our Gigantic Portfolio of nearly 150 Projects have been stalled” due to any reasons, be it Organization reasons, Titles or Government Reasons. While keeping a strong base in the Bangalore with status as one of the top 5 Brands, the company have projects all over Kerala from Calicut to Trivandrum with strong presence in Kochi, Trivandrum, Calicut, and Trissur; and also in Dubai, a strong presence has been established. Even though Dr. Roy C.J concentrated in the real estate sector, he had invested giant mass of money in different sectors like health care, aviation, hospitality, entertainment, education and sports. Confident Group is Well known for Delivering the Projects on time and today is the Largest Real Estate Developer in Kerala in terms of Delivery and Ongoing Projects.

The Group has Produced or Presented to Large Audience 8 Movies in Malayalam and Kannada. The Biggest Budget Multi Star Malayalam Movie “Casanovva” is also Produced by Dr. Roy C.J. He has brought World Famous Star Ms. Kim Kardashin to Dubai for the grand opening of Perfume Business “Parfum Monde” in Dubai.

The Group was also was the World Wide Sponsor of West Indies Team for the 2013 ICC Champions Trophy World Cup Cricket Tournaments and 2014 Twenty 20 for the ICC World Cup Cricket Tournaments and also The World Wide Sponsor of Sri-Lankan team which was also the defending Champions for the 2016 ICC Champions Trophy World Cup Cricket Tournaments.

Confident Group also was the Sponsor for the Dubai in 2015 and Singapore in 2016 the SIIMA Mega Film Awards which is attended by over 500 Mega Stars from Malayalam, Tamil, Kannada and Telugu Industries. 

With an aim to maintain their irrevocable standard in the hospitality sector, confident group have 4 hotels and resorts in Bangalore. Key point is the golf course and they have signed for 3 more projects with one of the biggest international brands. The Confident Cascade and Confident Amoon are still un-jolted giants; these glamour-five-star hotels are showcasing vivid experience of the hospitality. Apart from they have more hotels and malls in their manifesto.


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With the restless effort of the talented supremo, the company is marching towards a superior growth in import and export sector; now, the group is set to become the largest importer of the construction materials. In Dubai, the group is in the process of building Multiple apartment Projects.

Now, the company is trying to build around 40 multiplexes in all around Karnataka and they will be producing Malayalam, Kannada and Tamil films next year.

Another major pinnacle of activities by the Confident Group is their involvement in Corporate Social Responsibilities. A benevolent philanthropist Dr. Roy C.J. had been helming infinitely charitable activities within his influence for years now. The group works on helping, motivating and providing necessary assets for the people in need. In hospital care, they provide free cataract operations, free dialysis, provides dialysis machines and on a yearly basis, conducts many open heart surgeries. In education sector, Confident Group has the up and running Confident Gear Foundation School and implementing many more such schools in and round in Bangalore. The group resolves to strengthen their role in corporate social responsibilities in coming years with their well-fortified company establishment.

Dr. Roy CJ hails from Guruvayoor, Thrissur district of Kerala. Being a prefect half, Mrs. Liny Roy, wife of Dr. Roy C.J, is a continuous motivation and support to her husband. She has been entrusted two key responsibilities –Hospitality business and Perfume business- to lighten the job load of her partner. Acclaiming the caliber of Dr. Roy C.J and his company, he has been inducted in the top hundred business man list of UAE. He was awarded the Doctorate in Business Administration by the SBS business school, Switzerland. The key factor, which is contributing his business growth, is his strong vision. If we have a noble vision, the victory will definitely bless you. Dr. Roy C.J of Confident Group is named ‘The Best Indian Builder’ at the Asia Vision Excellence Awards 2018.

“Experience tells you what to do; Being Confident allows you to do it!”



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