November 30, 2023

Cabbage may help to reduce blood pressure


We all know that vegetables are good for health. But, we seldom give priority to vegetables in our daily diet.

Do you know you can avoid a vast majority of ‘new age diseases’ if you include vegetables in your daily diet?

In a sense, vegetable is a key towards a healthy life. Vegetable-rich diet and regular exercise may rejuvenate human body and make it less vulnerable to diseases.

Of all vegetables, green leafy vegetables are most nutritious. Let us discuss about one such green leafy vegetable.

Cabbage is a popular green leafy vegetable widely cultivated across the country. Like other green leafy vegetables, it is also the rich source of several nutrients such as vitamins and minerals.

As per a study report, cabbage may help to reduce blood pressure. It is the presence of a compound, called potassium, in this vegetable which helps it do so.

Apart from this, the vegetable also help to prevent cancer, improve vision, achieve weight loss, boost brain health, and execute detoxification.

Include this amazing vegetable in daily diet. Stay Healthy!


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