June 22, 2024
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Tariq Aziz dies in jail

Unique Times-Tariq Aziz dies in jail

Unique Times-Tariq Aziz dies in jail

Saddam Hussein’s close adviser and assistant, Tariq Aziz is said to have passed away due to a heart attack in an Iraqi prison. Tariq Aziz, 79 years old has served as a foreign minister and deputy prime minister. He had been sentenced to death during 2010 for harming religious parties under the rule of Saddam Hussein. However the execution never happened. Shortly after the fall of Baghdad he himself surrendered to US troops. It was reported that he was undergoing a very bad health suffering from heart and respiratory problems. Tariq Aziz was always found to be the most loyal assistant to Saddam Hussein. He was known for his long cigars and black rimmed glasses. He played the major role during 2003 before the invasion of Iraq and was a fluent English speaker which made him to represent Iraq on the international stage. Being the only Christian member in Saddam Hussein’s entourage made him to be an outsider in Baghdad and also shaped him to form a secular regime.


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