July 13, 2024

Jat reservation row: violence continuing in Haryana, army called in

NEW DELHI, INDIA - MARCH 18: Jats from various states sitting on Dharna to press for their demand for the OBC status for the Jat community and reservations in Government jobs at Jantar Mantar on March 18, 2013 in New Delhi, India. (Photo by Sushil Kumar/Hindustan Times via Getty Images)

Rampant violence continues to stir at least eight-district of Haryana demanding inclusion of Jat community into the OBC category. The agitation, which has been going on for last couple of day, had worsened on last day when the all party meeting convened by Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar failed to bring out a convincing solution to the issue. Reports say that the protesters attacked several government building and blocked the transport routes. A national media reported that the Jat agitators had torched a railway office on today morning in jind region. It seems that the protesters are not willing to calm down until their demands are approved by the government authorities before the upcoming assembly session. Last day, Haryana government authorities offered that they would declare the Jat community as a special backword class. However, the Jat leaders declined the government’s offer. Jat leaders reportedly demand that the government should release an ordinance, declaring the Jat community as an OBC community, with immediate effect. Subsequently, it must present it in the assembly, leaders reportedly added. Leaders believe that CM is deliberately blocking their right to become an OBC class as he is a non-Jat cm like his predecessor. They feel that the community is not getting proper opportunity because of the reservation issue. Meanwhile, the centre has deployed army personals at the behest of state government to bring down the intensity of the agitations. A special committee headed by AK Singh has been constituted by the government authorities to monitor the current situation. The curfew and shoot at sight orders has been reportedly issued in some of the worst-affected districts to shatter the violence. According to railway authorities, at least 150 train services were aborted due to the mounting protest in the region. According to the latest report, around three people were killed and at least twenty one others were injured in the violence until now. Jat is a major agricultural community in the region. They have a strong hold of some electoral pockets in the State. Until recently, the reservation was a silent demand of this community. However, the other community members strongly oppose the reservation demand of the Jat leaders. Recently, some BJP leaders had expressed solidarity with the non-Jat community members and strongly opposed the reservation demand. It seems that the protesters are currently targeting the BJP leaders because of their anti-Jat statements purposefully. The agitators on last day attacked several BJP leaders’ houses. Media reported that the protesters intentionally pelted stones at MP Raj Kumar Saini’s residence in Kaithal on last day. Meanwhile, an unauthorised news claims that a BSF officer on last day shoot a protester to death in self-defence when the protesters had exceeded their limit and tried to harm the official.


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