June 29, 2022
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“TIME IS….. LIFE” – “Ignorance is certainly bliss, but often this bliss can be at the cost of a life.” – Dr. Binoy John

  Most deaths associated with a heart attack occur in the first one hour of its onset. The prime hurdles associated with a timely intervention in saving lives during a heart-attack are the timely diagnosis of it and then its timely treatment. Probably when William Heberden in 1772, described angina-pectoris or cardiac chest-pain as “a […]Continue Reading
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Tariq Aziz dies in jail

Saddam Hussein’s close adviser and assistant, Tariq Aziz is said to have passed away due to a heart attack in an Iraqi prison. Tariq Aziz, 79 years old has served as a foreign minister and deputy prime minister. He had been sentenced to death during 2010 for harming religious parties under the rule of Saddam Hussein. However the […]Continue Reading