February 25, 2024

Loading Dose helps to overcome ‘Heart Attack’: Senior Health Expert


A senior medical expert practicing in our country has been propagating the urgent need of developing the habit of keeping a loading dose to save heart from heart attack for last few days through social media platforms.

As per the doctor’s opinion, every person should always carry a loading dose of Disprin 325 mg, Atrovastatin 80 mg and Clopitab 159 mg with them.

According to the doctor’s opinion, diabetes patients, those with high blood pressure, smokers, people above forty years of age, obese people, people who have bad cholesterol, those with family history of heart attack and, more importantly, those who have metal stress are extremely vulnerable to heart attack.

So, what the doctor has been trying to tell to the people for last few days is very clear. There is no doubt that the doctor’s message will be very helpful for those who belongs to the categories mentioned above.

Try to carry a loading dose with you.


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