April 13, 2024
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BCI meets SC judges


A delegation of seven-member Bar Council of Indian panel has met almost all Supreme Court judges on last day to discuss the issue that jolted the Indian judiciary recently.

A couple of days before, some senior Supreme Court judges organised a press meeting to express their dissatisfaction in the way the Chief Justice of India assigns cases.

The delegation, which has met the SC judges in the national capital, has been headed by BCI Chairman Manan Kumar Mishra.

While speaking to a national media representative, Mr. Mishra has said that the delegation sent by the BCI has met nearly fourteen Supreme Court judges.

From what the judges told the BCI, it is clear that the SC judges consider it as an internal issue and they are very sure that it could be resolved internally.

Importunately, one of the judges who raised the allegation against the CJI has opined that they had already expressed their opinion in the issue in the press conference. Reminding the public that it was not a personal issue to be resolved through the mediation, he has added the CJI should respond to their allegation.

Anyway, the BCI has expressed hope that the issue could be resolved internally within few days.



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