July 15, 2024
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Now know about the queue at the polling booth from your home

While we are ready for the voting, what certainly kicks on our mind or the greater challenge is about the lengthy queue at the polling booth. This time, the voters in Palakkad can cast their vote comfortably by being acknowledged about the status of the queue at the polling booth through a webpage developed by the district administration.

The voters can review the haste at the booth through the https://infopkd.gov.in/ webpage, initiated by National Informatics Centre. This medium can be operated through both computer and mobile phones.

Every 30 minutes the number of persons in the queue at every both will be updated. The page also avails to identify the number of persons in the queue for men and women separately. Through the new online venture, each voter can hasslefree arrive at the booth. When the booth has a shorter queue and cast their vote.

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