June 22, 2024
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Odisha: BJD goes by the policy of equidistance

There are reports that the people of Odisha are interested to see the BJP in the centre than anyone else including the Congress and Grand Alliance. It seems that the most powerful regional party of the state Biju Janata Dal, the party founded by the four-time Chief Minister of the state Naveen Patnaik –the man who seeks a fifth consecutive victory, is well aware of this reality. It is clearly visible when the BJD sticks to its policy of equidistance.

In a latest interview conducted by a renowned national daily with Odisha Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik, he has emphasised his continued affection with his party’s declared policy of equidistance.

The statement is aimed to bring clarity to several confusing questions around the Odisha election. In the state, not many people may wish to see anyone other than their present CM in his chair after the election. In the matter of centre, they may not think that way. That is what confuses the regional political power.

If the confusion acts in favour of the national party, it may demolish the giant fort erected around the state by the ruling through their persistent efforts.

The continuous flow of the BJD leaders to the BJP is the other equally important issue that worries the ruling party of Odisha.

In the interview, the Odisha CM has pointed out the failures the centre has suffered in the agricultural and employment generation. He has tactically overturned his earlier position on demonetisation.


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