December 8, 2022
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Russia’s nuclear threat; President of Ukraine conveyed his concern to Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi held a telephone conversation with Ukrainian President Vladimyr Zelensky. Both discussed the current conflict in Ukraine. In the conversation, Modi reiterated the need to end hostilities and follow the path of dialogue and diplomacy, the Prime Minister’s Office said. It is reported that the President of Ukraine expressed his concern to Prime Minister Modi regarding the threat of nuclear weapons from Russia.

Two weeks before Russian President Vladimir Putin announced that he would intensify the invasion of Ukraine, the Indian Prime Minister had a phone conversation with the head of state of Ukraine. “In the conversation, Modi reiterated the need to end hostilities. Prime Minister Narendra Modi also reiterated the need to follow the path of consensus and diplomacy in his phone conversation with Zelensky. In the conversation, Modi expressed his firm conviction that military action will not resolve conflicts and expressed India’s willingness to contribute to peace efforts,” Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s office said in a statement.

Prime Minister Modi said that jeopardizing Ukraine’s nuclear facilities would have far-reaching and catastrophic consequences for public health and the environment. Putin announced that Russia would annex “four new territories” from Ukraine. Putin has threatened to use nuclear weapons to save Russia.

India had abstained from a draft resolution presented at the UN Security Council on September 30 condemning Russia’s referendum-based and annexation of four Ukrainian territories. India continues to buy Russian oil despite criticism from Western countries. India’s policy in this regard has been clear that all countries will try to secure the best possible deal to bring down high oil prices and India is doing the same.

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