August 9, 2020
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Balochistan set to send delegates to friendly states to raise Kashmir issue


Balochistan, one of the most disturbed regions in Pakistan, has sent some top level delegates to different friendly states to deliberate the Kashmir issue extensively.PM Modi, on august 15, had thanked the people living in Balochistan and Pakistan-occupied- Kashmir for the goodwill they have expressed towards India.Earlier also, PM had raised the issue during an all-party meeting convened to discuss the Kashmir issue. He reportedly claimed that the Pakistan government is practicing extreme human right violation in some regions in their country.He further warned that the Pakistan government would have to answer the world for their anti-right activities.

However, the Pakistan supremo strongly denounced the allegations. It is learned that the Pakistan government had constituted a high-level group and ordered them to travel different countries to raise the Kashmir issue.It seems that the Pakistan government suspects the Indian agencies may extend help to the Balochistan separatist leaders, just like the pak military allegedly give support to the Kashmir separatists and terrorists.It is said that the Balochistan separatist leaders are totally against the Pakistan government and their Pak-China economic corridor plan. They opined that the Pakistan government is looting their resources to feed the most populated provinces like Punjab.Experts say that the Indian authorities have chosen a right weapon now. It may help us to regain those regions which were allegedly occupied by the Pakistan, they added. They further added that even if the Pakistan invites external intervention, it will only help us.




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