August 4, 2021
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Telangana gov fails to clear free reimbursement dues; students organise strike

Putting nearly fourteen lakh students in deep trouble, the Telangana government has still not cleared the free reimbursement dues. The TPCC chief alleges that the students are extremely depressed due to the government’s irresponsible behaviour. He added that over two lakh employees working in the higher educational institutions across the state are doing their work without proper payment. The congress party launched a strong campaign against the Telangana government across the state seeking the fee reimbursement. The student wing of the Congress party, NSUI, had organised a meeting on last day to discuss the issue. Several students, parents and senior congress leaders including N Uttam Kumar Reddy participated in the meeting.While speaking at the meeting, Mr Reddy claimed that the Telangana government had earlier agreed to pay reimbursement dues to the private colleges but the Telangana CM failed to keep his word. He added that when the same question was raised in the legislative assembly the CM assured he will surely pay the pending money immediately. The senior congress leaders further alleged that till this date the government has not taken any single step to fulfil the assurance given in the state assembly. Even though the government has no money to spend for the under-privileged sections, it has enough revenue to run gigantic projects, the senior congress leader added. In Mr Reddy’s opinion, the government cannot stop spending on the huge project, because if they stop it they cannot demand commission from the contractors. Apart from the leaders, several students and parents addressed the meeting organised by the NSUI. They all share their grievances publically.


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