May 30, 2024
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PM to attend crucial economic meeting scheduled to take place at Russia

In a bid which can be seen as an effort to resume the strong bilateral relation between India and its old strategic partner, Russia, extending an friendly hand towards the European powerhouse which is presently in a bad relation with rest of the European countries over its aggressive attitude, and demonstrating our calibre in negotiating with all kinds of nations, the Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, is scheduled to visit Russia in order to attend the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum as both countries are planning to celebrate their seventy year long friendship this year. In an effort to make the PM’s way towards Russia more clear and his scheduled meeting more productive, and paving a clear path for achieving an economic relation, the PM’s close lieutenant, Foreign Secretary S Jaishankar, has visited Russia recently and discussed several complicated subjects like the preparations for the 18th India-Russia Annual summit, the SPIEF and the 70th anniversary celebrations. A confidential report states that a Russian high-level team had earlier visited India and in their meeting with their Indian counterpart they had reached an agreement in several sensitive matters which were left unresolved for decades. In this new global scenario, India should act out of the box and demonstrate its negotiation skills extensively to overcome challenges raised in the Asia region as the Chinese authorities, as well as Pakistan, is standing as a persistent threat to the sovereignty of our land. Any negotiation, if it is not for disturbing the global peace, is good and can be justified under the economic development ground.


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