September 24, 2023
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Promise of marriage with actor Arya; Two arrested for swindling lakhs from Sri Lankan women

Two arrested for swindling lakhs by promising to marry actor Arya. Mohammad Arman, 29, and Mohammad Hussaini, 35, both from Chennai, were arrested. The victim was a Sri Lankan woman of Tamil descent who had settled in Germany.

The accused snatched Rs 65 lakh from the woman after meeting her online. Fraud detected The woman had lodged a complaint with the cyber police. According to the reports, the accused had chatted with the woman under the guise of Arya. According to the complaint, the woman had promised to get a divorce soon and then get married.

Arya was questioned by the cyber police after receiving the complaint. From this it was clear that the fraud was committed in disguise. The suspects were apprehended during a search based on the IP address of the computer on which they were chatting.

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