June 14, 2024
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IAC Vikrant in the final stage of production

As per a latest report, India’s first Indigenous Aircraft Carrier, Vikrant, is in the final stage of production. It is expected to be handed over to the Indian Navy by the year 2021 for the purpose of testing. A time period of two years is required for the completion of the testing, as per an expert opinion. If it is true, the first Indigenous Aircraft Carrier is less likely to be commissioned into the Indian Navy before the year 2023.

The Cochin Shipyard Limited is the one which is making the 40,000 tonnes weighing Vikrant. The IAC Vikrant works on Short Take-Off But Arrested Recovery mechanism – this same mechanism is what that is used in the INS Vikramaditya (the powerful Aircraft Carrier the country possesses now). What powers the Indigenous Aircraft Carrier is its four General Electric gas turbines.

Meanwhile, not much progress has happened in the proposed production of the Indigenous Aircraft Carrier-II. There are reports that once the financial element is fixed the progress can be achieved instantly in that front also.

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