April 1, 2023
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Tribal eviction issue: Main national parties advise their CMs to file review petitions

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The two main political parties of India, the Congress party and the BJP, have advised their Chief Ministers to file review petitions against the recent Supreme Court order that empowers the states to evict those forest people who are unable to prove their claim to the forest land they live in.

The leaders of the national parties have used their social media handles to express their opinions, more clearly, their party’s opinions on the sensitive issue of tribal eviction.

Notably, a tribal organisation affiliated to the saffron camp, Vanvasi Kalyan Ashram, has demanded that the central government should intervene in the issue. The organisation has asked the central government to file a review petition in the issue.

Those who advocate filing the review petitions are of the view that the petitions would help to get a stay on the Supreme Court order, which has potential to create several unwelcoming consequences.

The saffron camp’s top leader has assured that they were ready to go to any extend to protect the right of their tribal brothers and sisters.

Meanwhile, the leader of the Grand Old Party has said that water, forest and land were a part of the tribal people’s right to life. It indirectly means that denying any of the aforesaid to the forest people amounts to denying their right to life.  

The SC verdict regarding the tribal people’s land rights worries many. The system should find a feasible solution to the issue soon.


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