September 24, 2023
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Almost total ban to plastic waste import imposed

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India has imposed almost a total ban to the import of plastic waste, identifying the reality that many have misused the loopholes existed in the country’s plastic waste import policy.

The Indian government has successfully closed all loopholes that supported the import of plastic waste into the country in the name of processing and recycling.

It was a South India based national daily that initially reported that a tremendous increase in the import of plastic in the name of processing and recycling occurred lately.

According to that report, the plastic waste was imported to the Special Economic Zones and Export Oriented Units. The report said that the PET bottles were the prime waste materials imported to the country in the name of processing and recycling. As per the report, China, Italy, Japan and Malawi were the prime countries which exported plastic to the SEZs and EOUs situated in the country.

The new government policy will completely block the import of plastic, particularly the import of PET bottles from the aforesaid countries towards the SEZs and EOUs of India.

The government has not clearly mentioned why they have implemented the policy in the speedy manner. It is believed that the issue has reached an alarming limit so the government has been left with very little options other than taking such a stern policy.  


Vignesh. S. G

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