October 3, 2022
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BJP set to enter the seat of power in Karnataka

The latest developments indicate that the BJP, the party which rules the country, is likely to enter the seat of power in the South Indian state of Karnataka soon.

If that happens, it will be the re-entry of the BJP in the South Indian politics. In this part of the country, the BJP at present has no significant presence.

It is clear that the BJP aims to increase its influence in the region with its re-entry into the South Indian state of Karnataka, where it once ruled and has a huge support base.

The BJP and its supporters at present have 105 members in the Karnataka Legislative Assembly. Recently, nearly 12 members belonging to the JDS-Congress coalition have resigned from the coalition, bringing the total numbers of supporters for the coalition in the assembly down to less than 105.

Intensifying the crisis, an independent lawmakers belonging to the coalition has resigned from the coalition and offered unconditional support to the BJP.

The recently earned support and the resignations from the coalition makes the BJP led front eligible to claim the power of seat in the state.

The BJP is the single largest party in the state. It has a natural claim for the seat of power.

It actually made the claim after the assembly election, and its representative remained in power though it only lasted for few days.

The BJP’s natural claim was overturned tactically by the Congress and the JD(S) by reaching a post-election coalition deal with each other.

What the latest development indicates is that the BJP and its supporters will not have to wait for long to win back their lost seat.

There are reports that the resigned MLAs are with the BJP.

The speaker has not yet considered the resignation papers of the MLAs. As per a report, the Karnataka CM has sought the postponement of the monsoon session of the Karnataka Assembly.

What acts as a lifeline for the coalition at present is the pace in which the speaker handles the resignation letters. The speaker is less likely to consider the resignation letters today.

Any comeback of the BJP in Karnataka is expected to make long term impact in the politics of South India, especially the politics of Kerala and Tamil Nadu.   

Vignesh. S. G
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