October 3, 2022
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Norwegian ex-cabinet minister gets five year imprisonment for sexually abusing three asylum seekers

An ex-cabinet minister in Norway, Svein, has been found guilty in three separate sexual abuse cases, in which the victims are asylum seekers. He has been awarded a severe sentence of five years imprisonment for the brutal crime.

He committed the crime when he was the governor of the Norwegian county of Troms. At the time, he committed the crime he was in a position capable to dismiss the asylum status of the victims.

The court has found his guilty of abusing his position of power.
The ex-minister has denied all charges levelled against him. He has vowed to appeal against the verdict.

He, during the trial, has admitted of maintaining a sexual relation with one of the victims. But, he has argued it as a consensual relation. He has strongly denied the other two.

Notably, one of the victims was a minor at the time the crime occurred. One among the other two is a person with mild intellectual disability.

The Norwegian government and the department of the government which handles the matters concerning asylum seekers have welcomed the verdict.

Most rights activists have welcomed the decision taken by the Norwegian court.

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