November 30, 2023
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ICC convicts Congolese brutal rebel leader

The International Criminal Court has convicted a Congolese rebel leader, Bosco Ntaganda, whose rebel group has been found guilty committing brutal crimes such as murder, rape and sexual slavery.

He is not the first person who has been convicted by the ICC so far. Apart from him, three others have been punished by the court since its creation in the year 2002. Notably, almost all of them are Africans.

Mr Ntaganda was taken into custody by the US in the year 2013. It was when he surrendered himself before an US embassy in Africa. The surrender was attributed to the internal rift in his rebel group. Actually, the surrender was done to save his life from his fellow friends in his rebel group, as at the time of the arrest almost all of them turned against him and was preparing to eliminate him.

The banana field massacre is the most brutal massacre occurred under the command of this rebel leader, who is nick-named as ‘terminator’.

His entire effort – his terror activities – was meant to gain his control over the mineral rich region of Democratic Republic of Congo. He at a stage even controlled a significant portion of the mineral rich region.

But, the internal rift reduced his strength in the party and brought him to a position to surrender before the US authority to save his life from his fellow rebels –his former friends.

His rebel group was completely shattered by the DR Congo army at the time he surrendered before the US embassy.

Notably, he is the first person who has been convicted by the ICC on the charge of sexual slavery.

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