July 17, 2024
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EU asks Iran to abstain from enriching uranium

The European Union has asked the Iranian government not to implement its decision to walk out from the nuclear deal, from which the US recently walked out. It has also urged the Arabian country not to defy the limit prescribed by the deal in the matter of the production and storage of uranium.

The crisis in Iran has started after the US walked out of the Obama era-nuclear treaty that the west reached with Tehran.

The US not only stepped out of the treaty, but also imposed severe economic sanctions against Iran, making it impossible for Tehran to continue its business with any of the western and many of the developing and under-developed countries.

As per Iran, the latest is the reaction to the US’ sanctions against Tehran. According to them, it is not them who has stepped back from the deal commitment but is the west.

Iran has accused the European Union of not protecting them and of not paying respect to the commitments they are supposed to adhere to as per the deal.

Earlier, there were indications that the US was looking for the possibility of launching a military action against Iran.

The developments indicate that the EU is not ready to go by the US’ decision in the Iran issue and it wants a good trade relation with Iran.

Many countries, in the west as well as in the east, are worried about the disturbance in Iran. Many believe that stability in Iran is needed to ensure the stability of the entire Middle East.

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