June 24, 2024
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Mysterious financer Epstein on trial in the US over sex trafficking

Jeffery Epstein, the mysterious financer who is the close of friend of many powerful persons, has been booked on the charge of running a sex trafficking network in the United States.

It is not the first time that this kind of charge has been registered against the wealthy financer.

In the previous occasion, he escaped the heat of the country’s legal system with minor injuries, with the help of the provision of plea bargain.

As per a media report, the latest case happened between the year 2002 and the year 2005. According to the same report, the crime was committed in his mansions in Florida and Manhattan.

Why his case is special because he has close connection with several powerful US businessmen and politicians including US President Donald Trump and former US President Bill Clinton.

The financer was arrested on Saturday when he returned to the US from France on his private jet.

A journalist, who visited the accused person’s mansion and interviewed him lately, claimed that the arrested financer expected his possible arrest and had a mural commissioned in his mansion depicting himself in prison.

The financer will have to remain in prison at least until his bail application is heard on 11th of this month.

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