May 28, 2024
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Pegasus Entering into Its Next Bigger Milestone

Stepping into product marketing is always a dream for every innovative firm. The same goes for Pegasus Global Private Limited company which is now ready to mark its milestone in the sector of FMCG product marketing.

Who is Pegasus Global Private Limited

Pegasus is one of the well-established event production companies in India, which has firmly marked its footprints in fashion, and many more challenging areas. Unsurprisingly, they have successfully conducted some of the prestigious national and international fashion events in India. They are successfully continuing their journey with nearly 2300 events till now.

Other than events the company has also marked its excellence in the film and media industry. They have their own magazine, published in both Malayalam and English language.


DQUE is a product brand under the group Pegasus Global Private Limited. They have products such as DQUE watches, DQUE masks, DQUE sanitizers, DQUE T-Shirts, and so on.

Products Going To Be Launched

They are now buckling up to step in the shoes of FMCG product marketing by launching their new product that is the soaps and handwash under the brand named DQUE.

Quality is always the primary factor in every product and Pegasus never compromises on their product. If we take the case of soaps the most important factor to be considered in soap quality is its total fatty matter (TFM). The higher the TFM quantity in the soap, the better is its quality. DQUE Soaps promises the customer with high TFM quantity.

Along the way, Pegasus strives to be more confident and business-focused all of which are key essential skills needed for a successful business to run, just like Pegasus has turned out to be.

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Video Courtesy: Pegasus Videos


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