October 3, 2023
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Travel: As India Inc opens its doors to the world, business travel takes off

Business travel is picking up again, thanks to a two-year low in Covid-19 cases and companies gradually reopening offices, but India Inc is still playing it safe. Many companies, including ITC, the RPG Group, KPMG, Mphasis, Panasonic, Dabur, UpGrad, and Mercedes-Benz India, have resumed business travel, but only when absolutely necessary and with stringent safety […]Continue Reading
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Amazon  Attempting to Halt an Antitrust Investigation Into Its 2019 Merger With India’s Future Group

According to legal documents seen by Reuters, Amazon.com Inc has requested India’s Supreme Court to halt an expedited assessment of charges that the company hid material when seeking antitrust clearance for a 2019 merger with India’s Future Group. Amazon was accused of concealing information and making misleading statements by the Competition Commission of Continue Reading
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World Trade and Development Report: India for Preferential Status to Developing Nations

On Thursday, the administration emphasized the importance of maintaining the WTO’s special and differential treatment for developing and poor nations, as well as a consensus-driven approach, as essential principles, a viewpoint held by trade experts as well. “At the upcoming WTO ministerial conference, India will fight to preserve special and differential Continue Reading
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HCL Tech to Train and Hire High School Graduates in the United States

HCL Tech, an IT services provider, has announced an apprenticeship program in the United States to train and hire high-school graduates in order to boost its localization efforts in global markets. Apprentices who complete the program successfully will be offered full-time employment with HCL and will be able to pursue a debt-free college degree at […]Continue Reading