July 27, 2021
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Hibi Eden MP handed over the technologically advanced Covid wisk to Ernakulam general hospital donated by the Pegasus Trust

Kerala has become a model for all states in India in its COVID-19 fight. New innovation has also developed during this crisis period and Covid wisk was one among them and Ernakulam General Hospital also got one of it.

On national Doctors Day, Hibi Eden MP handed over the technologically advanced Covid wisk for the Covid prevention operations at Ernakulam General Hospital donated by the Pegasus Trust.

The function was held at the General Hospital, Ernakulam. Hibi Eden MP inaugurated the event. Pegasus Trust Chairman; Dr Ajit Ravi handed over the warranty documents and user manual to the superintendent.Pegasus Trust officials said Covid Wisk was placed at the General Hospital at the request of the MP.

This wisk is different to other wisks as it is made of aluminium due to which the pieces can be easily ported to other place and can be easily joint in 15 minutes

Legs-operated light signal, alarm and buzzer are fresh from existing wisks, The wisk is equipped with a fan, exhaust, light, charging socket, and adjusted lights to illuminate the face of the sampler. The kiosk also has the ability to resist fire and water intrusion.


General hospital Superintendent Dr. Anita presided over the function. Alappuzha district general secretary Ganga Shankar Prakash, RMO Dr. Syriac, ARMO Dr. Nibin Bose, Hospital Staff and Trust Officers where also present at the function. The wisk is manufactured by Mariya Plastics and Aluminium Industries working under Cherthala Pallipuram industrial Estate.

To those who don’t know what is wisk: WISK is a small cabinet that allows people to walk in and collect sample for testing coronavirus. It takes only two minutes to collect samples in WISK. This was modelled after the sample collecting method in South Korea.

Pic Courtesy: Pegasus Photography


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