May 28, 2022
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Trailer of another dark theme venture of director Lijo Jose Pellissery released

Without much marketing strategies, the trailer of Lijo Jose Pellissery’s latest venture “Churuli” hit YouTube as surprise to the audience.

The bits we got to see in the short was shrouded in mystery, leaving little to go on with. The title of the movie itself suggests a spiral maze that we get to see rolling out in action.

Set in seems like Kerala’s forest fringes of the Western Ghats, the trailer presents a visual representation of a reality where Vinay Fort is accompanying Chemban Vinod on a journey, while a narration plays in the background – of an ancient folklore about a ‘Thirumeni’ (Brahmin) who sets out in search of ‘Perumadan’ (phantom).

As per the reports the movie was made within 19 days. But this is not the first time the ‘Jallikettu’ director has pulled off such a feat; Ee Ma Yow was reportedly completed in under three weeks.

Lijo Jose Pellissery had earlier on Facebook said, “For me cinema is not a money making machinery but a medium to express my vision. So from today onwards, I am an Independent filmmaker. I will use all the money I raise from cinema to fuel better cinema and nothing else. I will screen my cinema anywhere I feel is right because I am the creator of it.”

After viewing the trailer of ‘Churuli’, seems like he’s set his own path in the Malayalam cinema world.

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