August 14, 2022

Having attractive husband may have negative consequences for wife: Study


No woman wishes to spend their life with an unattractive partner. There is a saying that ‘first impression is the best impression’. It is applicable in the case of marriage also. We all try to put our best attires and make-ups, when we go to meet our would-be for the first time. Even during the sacred function called ‘marriage’, we try to make sure that we look better than our partner or at least equally good looking as our partner.

But, there is a bad news for women. Shockingly, a new study report has discovered that having an attractive husband many have negative consequences for wife.

The study has found that those women having attractive husbands may put too much attention on their diet and, thus, may fall under the clutches of eating disorders.

Notably, there is no proof that all those women having attractive husbands face this disorder. So, the writer has no intention to prompt anyone to select an unattractive partner over an attractive one.           


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