June 28, 2022
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Cyclone Ockhi exposes flaws in SDMA, allege coastal communities


As the coastal regions situated in South Kerala and South Tamil Nadu are facing the aftereffects of the Cyclone Ockhi, which has moved to Lakshadweep region after inflicting serious injuries in the aforementioned regions, the coastal communities living in these regions are venting their anger out on the State Disaster Management Authorities by saying that the concerned authorities have failed to respond to the disaster in the right time.

There have been allegations that the SDMA of Kerala has not given warnings to the fishing community and those living near the coastal region prior to the commencement of the cyclone.

As per the latest report, the disaster has left several fishermen stranded in the deep sea, which is presently in an unfriendly state.

The rescue operations, which have been initiated by the SDMA in association with the coastal guards and navy force to save these stranded fishermen, are in the middle stage.

Anyway, defending the government authorities, the SDMA of the state has asserted that the government authorities have taken all the initiatives at the proper time to save the people and to bring the situation under control.

However, in the statement released by the SDMA of the state, there are indications that the authorities have failed to read the seriousness of the message forwarded by the Indian Meteorological Department at the right time.


Vignesh. S. G

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