March 21, 2023

Guava helps to improve digestion


Guava is a very delicious fruit. It is commonly seen across our country, particularly in the rural regions. We love to eat this fruit as it is crunchy and is the mixture of all good taste.    

Do you know how good it is for your digestion? This fruit is a perfect source of good quality fibre. A study says that fibre content helps regulate the metabolism of human body so it is good for digestion.

There is high amount of water and potassium and less amount of sugar in this fruit so it is a perfect fruit for those who are struggling with some common lifestyle diseases such as diabetes and blood pressure.

This fruit is also a rich source of vitamin c, manganese and much more relevant nutrients and micro-nutrients.

It is advised that everyone should try to include this magical fruit in your daily diet.

Eat healthy diet! Stay healthy!    


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