July 15, 2024

Tip to control high cholesterol


High cholesterol rate is a prime cause of several diseases including heart diseases. In the past, it was only common among oldies. Unfortunately, it is even seen in youngsters nowadays.

Modern medical science has already proved that it could contain the disease to an extent. The sad reality is that it is not completely curable. As it is a lifestyle disease, if a cholesterol patient is ready to make some minor changes in his/her lifestyle and food habits, he/she can make a positive change on his/her cholesterol level.

Do you know there are some natural remedies to control cholesterol level? Beetroot, carrot and garlic are some of the cholesterol repellents available in every Indian kitchen.

It is advised that those suffering from the medical condition of high cholesterol try to increase their daily intake of the aforementioned vegetables.

Experience the change yourself!

Caution: the remedies are not an alternative to prescribed medicines. It is not wise to quit prescribed medicines for remedies. The best way to control high cholesterol is to follow the advice of experienced medical practitioners.       


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