June 14, 2024

Germany decides to say a respectful goodbye to some executed prisoners whose bodies were used for experiments by a Nazi doctor

Germany has decided to give a respectful send-off to some execute prisoners whose bodies were used by a pro-Nazi doctor to do some researches on the reproductive anatomy.

Recently, the tissues of some executed prisoners were recovered from a private property owned by a Nazi-era anatomy professor, Herman Stieve.

The tissues were recovered by the heirs of the professor, who died of a mysterious disease in the early 1950s.

Interestingly, the majority of the tissues which were recovered from the doctor’s experiment centre were of women’s.

It is assumed that in the earlier years of his experimentation it was difficult for him to find the bodies of executed women as prior to the advent of the Nazi regime the death penalty was not given to women, but after the arrival of the Nazi the doctor found it easy to get the bodies of executed women as in those days there were no gender discrimination for the death penalty.

As per a report, the doctor dissected as many as 184 dead bodies, mostly women, during the Nazi era.

The doctor is the first one who has studied the impact of the stress, in the form of being sentenced to death, in the menstrual cycle. His study says the stress, in the form of being sentenced to death, can adversely affect the menstrual cycle.

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