May 29, 2024
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Andhra to replace oil cars with electric cars


Nowadays, noting affects a country’s economy more than the fluctuation in the prize of oil in the global market. India is well aware of this fact. Still, very little has been done so far to address this issue.

It seems that an Indian state is preparing to show the nation how it can address this issue with its policies. That responsible state is none other than Andhra Pradesh.

The Indian state of Andhra Pradesh has decided to replace their government vehicles, which run using petrol/diesel, with electric cars. It is actually a welcome step. None of the states or the central may has thought of this brilliant idea even in their wildest dreams. If the Andhra Pradesh’s initiative encourages other states and the centre to adopt this policy, it can be assumed that India has ventured into its journey towards its ambition of reducing the green house gas emotion to minimal.

Electric cars emit far less pollutants than oil cars. The Paris Climate Summit, in which India is also a part, encourages promoting electric cars –thus clean energy.

Andhra Pradesh has recently launched an ambitious policy for the promotion of clean energy Electric Mobility Policy. The government aims to achieve its target within the timeframe of three to five years.


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