June 20, 2024
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Pakistani poet who redrawn all borders drawn by patriarchs around Pak literature is no more

Fahmida Riaz, the most fearless Pakistani woman poet of all times, has ceased her struggle against the patriarchs of her country, as her body has stopped responding to her soul.

Her poems were once defamed as the poetic depiction of pornography. Her political actions were once criticised. She was even forced to approach another country for political asylum.

But, nothing could stop her. She was fearless. She was determinant. She was powerful. So, she continued to move her pen.

More than her poems, it was her attitude that made her favourite to many non-Pakistanis, including Indians. She spoke in the language of love, unlike many of her contemporaries.

Despite several threats, she never stopped writing her mind out openly. All calls and threats directed against her for her way of handling female sexuality and feelings were dismissed disinterestedly.

She was a true comrade; a true warrior. In her personal life also, she had to go through several setbacks, including a divorce.

That day is not far when the whole Pakistan, especially women, understands how powerful this poet was. She is one of the most admirable poets ever lived in the country of Pakistan.

One of her famous lines reads; “First time, after love, in each other’s arms; in the mirror chamber of our mental and physical nudity, so frail, so delicate; so reluctantly we breathe, lest we break the glass idols”          



Vignesh. S. G

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