March 1, 2024

Afghan Woman Journalist Murder: Protest Emerge across the World

Severe protest has emerged across the world, seeking a thorough investigation over the brutal murder of Afghan journalist-turned-politician Mina Mangal, who was one of the most popular television presenters in the Afghan television news broadcasting industry.

The presenter-turned-political advisor was shot to death in broad daylight in Kabul, while she was travelling towards her office (that is, the office of the advisor for the Afghan parliament’s cultural affairs commission.

The Afghan government has publically pledged to bring the culprits to justice as early as possible.

The authorities are looking into all possibilities. They have not yet reached any breakthrough in the case. At present, it remains unclear whether there is any terrorist involvement in the murder of the journalist-turned-politician.

She was a very vocal critic of the Taliban, who is a very powerful political force in the country. She was a fearless advocate for women rights and gender equality.

In the past, she received several threat messages for her social and political interventions in the country, in which the anti-establishment force of Taliban which disregards the ideas of women rights and gender equality controls a considerable area of land and runs a parallel government defying the central administration which came into existence with the help of the west.

Her friends have testified in support of the report that the deceased was facing serious death threats for her interventions during her last days.

Interestingly, the authorities are also investigating a family dispute angle along with the much-suspected terrorist angle.

Afghanistan is not a safe country for women. Many survey reports endorse the aforesaid observation.

It is also not a safe country for journalists. The existence of the Taliban in the country means that the freedom of press is only in papers. Anytime, anything can happen to anyone in this country.

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