February 26, 2024
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Maharashtra now holds ODF Status with immense pride


Since the induction of the BJP led regime at the helm of the central government, the country’s systems have been giving an extra-ordinary importance to the eradication of the unhealthy habit of open defecation.

To an extent, the central government has made some laudable gains in this front. Nonetheless, the need for more serious ground work to materialise the government’s vision of creating an open defecation free country is still there.

For the state of Maharashtra, the ambitious process of achieving an ODF state is not just an act of paying respect to the central-run program. By giving more seriousness to the ambitious project, the state government, led by the same party which rules the centre, makes sure that the benefits of the program envisioned by the ruling party’s elites in the centre reaches even to its rural regions.

Through its persistent hard work and dedication, the Indian state of Maharashtra has finally achieved the appreciable Open Defecation Free state status.

Announcing the victory gained by the BJP led state government, the Maharashtra Chief Minister, Devendra Fadnavis, has boasted that his government has achieved with the timeframe of less than four years what the erstwhile Congress government failed to achieve in a vast timeframe of sixty years.

The ODF status is normally granted when nearly ninety five per cent of a state’s population has either toilets in their house or access to public toilets within a distance of hundred meters from their houses.

The Maharashtra Chief Minister has asserted that they would not stop their programs in this front with this accomplishment. The CM has pledged that his government would take forward the project to the next level by making sure that all people are using the facility provided to them.


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