July 17, 2024
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Outfit with 50,000 diamonds and pearls; Navdeep Kaur stars in the Mrs World pageant

The social media star is now an Indian woman who made it into the last 15 at the Mrs World 2022 pageant. Navdeep Kaur, an Indian woman, is in the news for the costume she wore during the costume round. In the costume round, the outfit worn by Navdeep was selected as the Best National Costume.

The costumes at the National Costume Round are designed to represent the heritage and culture of the country. Navdeep is wearing a gold colored outfit designed by Aggie Jasmine. The costume is based on the Kundalini Chakra according to Yo Gasan. About 50,000 diamond stones were used to design the garments. In addition, pearls and crystals have been used in Outfit. Brocade and Korean sequin fabric are used to make garments.

The winner of the 2022 Mrs World pageant is Shailene Ford of the United States. Mrs. UAE and Mrs. Jordan shared first and second place. The Mrs World pageant was held in Las Vegas, USA. Navdeep, who won the 2021 Mrs. India World title, will represent the country at the Mrs World pageant. Navdeep, who married Kamaldeep Singh in 2014, also has a five-year-old daughter named Jasleen.

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